Adieu Groningen

The last few months have been very difficult for us, however in a positive way! We’ve received so many reactions to our announcements we are in complete disbelief to how many people have responded. Both in the number of responses and in their emotions, it goes straight to our hearts. Literally, hundreds of people have come to say their thanks and goodbye, sometimes with tears in their eyes and many sweet words. All of this has moved us significantly.

We’ve received so many gifts with sweet words, fancy bottles, kindly worded cards, pastries. Even a chocolate Easter Bunny and at least a kilo of other chocolate variety. The last week has felt like a rollercoaster; at most we expected the store to be empty sometime in May, but like a flash flood the store was fully cleaned out by the 16th of March. From three afternoons to two and finally the last Saturday the people kept coming for greetings and purchases. We’ve made many memories with many people, about the Oosterstraat, the Zwanestraat, the Nieuwe Ebbingestraat and finally the Regattaweg. We said goodbye in the most fantastic way to the store floor and our wonderful customers.

Without you, sweet people, Tonika Music wouldn’t have been what it was for almost 40 years! 

We also received many emails from ex-employees from all over the Netherlands and even other parts of the world. Memories of the good times together and how we laughed.

We’ve always worked very hard, but also had a lot of fun!

We’ve recollected many memories with people from the music industry about our journeys and past events. When the branches of the music industry reached for the heavens themselves, we recall these moments with much glee. With a pinch of melancholy, but always with a big smile.  We’ve had a wonderful time with all of you, people!

Our store will no longer exist, we’ve disappeared, and the property has been sold.

Tonika Music has reached the end of the journey and from the 12th of April, we will no longer be present at the Regattaweg.

At long last, we can start our Zwitserleven. We are looking forward to it.

Thank you all so much for the many, many years of loyal patronage and the companionship.

Without you, we wouldn’t have reached even close to 40 years.


Aldert en Nancy Zoutman